Tajdar e Haram TVC, bring back memories

Tajdar e Haram TVC, bring back memories

Sabri BrothersDuring school days, first in and last out was the routine that we ought to follow when it comes to school bus. We were among the first to get on the bus and among the last to get home. Every morning our bus driver had a ritual of playing the recital of ‘Surrah Rehman,’ followed by Sabri Brother’s (Ghulam Farid Sabri and Maqbool Ahmed Sabri) Qawwalis. Sabri duo famous qawwali ‘Tajdar e Haram ho Nigah e Karam’ was probably on the both sides of the cassette; that’s why most of us still know most of its verses.


Shehzad Roy and Cybil Chaudhry in Tajdar e Haram TVCRecently, a TVC (Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil) has used ‘Tajdar e Haram’ for their Ramadan campaign that features singer Shahzad Roy and model Cybil Chaudhry. It is shot abroad with a typical story board, but the background score literally lifts the whole commercial to another level. Recorded at Shahi Hasan IWM Studio and performed by none other than Ghulam Farid Sabri’s son Amjad Sabri. The audio begins with an awkwardly placed female vocal that paves way for Amjad Sabri strong voice to take control of the proceedings. This awesome qawwali certainly brings lots of old memories with a sure inclusion in my current playlist. You can download the audio from below links.

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